"Mane Melt" Lace Melting Spray
Love wearing Lace Fronts, but don't like the hassle of having it glued down? Our Lace Melting Spray is perfect for you! It was designed to be used on your lace front wigs and installs! Once applied, it will hold your wig in...
Melt Bands
Tired of your hairline messing up right after your  install? Our Lace Melting Band is designed to keep lace and baby hair from lifting. Your Lace won’t lift or shift with this specially designed elastic band! You can also use it to protect, seal and lay...
Pampered Edges Lace Glue
Waterproof Adhesive Lace Bond Strong Hold   Sweat/Humidity Resistant - Keeps lace in place even with hot flashes ladies!!  Wig stays in place (for BEST results, use with melt band)  
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